Grande Ronde Visit

I spent Thanksgiving week on the Grande Ronde with my friends DV and MR. I got to their camp at Heller Bar on Sunday, Nov. 18 and left on the 25th. The fellowship was great, but in all honesty my heart was not in the fishing. The current condition of this years steelhead run is very disturbing for me. My friends had been there since late October and landed one fish. I fished, at the most, six hours my entire time there.

By the way, the Idaho side of the Snake River and all Idaho steelhead fishing closes on December 7 under threat of a lawsuit by several .com organizations.

On the positive, MR did a great job with Thanksgiving dinner. He is quite a chef. And DV has landed four nice fish in the Snake since I left. My part in it: DV is using my black & blue flies that I left for him. He is now a happy camper.

See ya on the river, Rod