Happy New Year 2018

Well here we are at the brink of a brand new year. It is like I am on this huge ball rolling down hill. The ball gets bigger, and the years get shorter and shorter. Flying by at mach speed. 


I spent CHRISTmas with my Mom and Sister in Pomeroy. I fished on the Ronde with my friend DV while there. But it was a bust. The timing just was not right: too cold and too much ice. The Snake was higher, 31K+, than we wanted so we didn't even try it. The last day there it rained all day and all night. The Ronde got big and brown the very next day.


I am home sweet home now. More snow then when I left, and the days and nights are colder. The temperature this morning at my cabin about 05:00 was 12 degrees. I had fun on New Year's day. A friend and I put on snowshoes and trekked into Finley Canyon. We did about a 4 mile round trip in about 2 1/2 hours. Wore the dogs out good. All they wanted to do when we got back was sleep. I also drove into Mission Bay at Omak Lake just to check it out. Looking good with no ice on it at all.  If it warms up some, I will probably try fishing it or maybe Rufus in the moving water below the dam.


See ya on the river, Rod