Wintertime Fishing

A couple of good choices for the winter here are Rufus Woods and Omak Lake. I have been to Omak a few times since the first of the year. The lake is ice free and access is pretty decent at both Mission Bay and Nicholson Beach even with the snow. I have yet to catch a fish, but I have been playing with different tube fly streamer patterns and my Meiser 11' 7" 57 Highlander two hander and a full sinking 2/3 sink Loop Head. So when I am doing this kind of research catching is not very important right off the get go. However, my friend Keith from North 40 has been there once or twice before work and picked up a handful of Lahontans in the 20 inch class. So it doesn't hurt to try.


I haven't been to Rufus yet. But there are some nice wild fish to be had around the Seaton Grove area.


See ya on the river, Rod