Nothing New

Sorry it has been awhile.  But to tell you the truth there is nothing new to report.  We have had a bit of rain recently; however, the river is still low.  The catching has been pretty much the same through this month:  mostly average rainbows with many of them missing their adipose fins.  Dry and dropper combinations have been the best for us.  I do not expect this to change through the rest of September and the season closure the end of the month.


Prospects for a steelhead season are slim to none.  And all of us local guides are telling folks there will not be a season.  The number of steelhead currently over Wells is 1,312 and over Priest Rapids is 2,584.  Lower Granite has seen 11,669 so far.  The total number of fish over Bonneville is currently 100,865. The 10 year average for Bonneville is 305,216.  Quite a difference.  


I will be traveling to the Grande Ronde soon to set up camp.  There is still time for you to schedule a trip there.  I still have some dates open and will be fishing there through November. 


See ya on the river, Rod