Low, Low Water And Cooler Weather

Whether you are rowing a raft or a drift boat it is a bumpy ride on the Methow right now.  And I think I am the only fool still rowing a drift boat.  That might not continue much longer though.  The flow at Twisp this morning 292 cfs.


The cooler temperatures have been nice.  Fall is in the air.  The catching has been pretty much the same.  I have seen a few more cutthroat and a few big ones here and there.  Makes me feel a bit better.  Our last trip was a two boater with Mark, his lovely wife Angela and their two sons.  It was fun.  Angela out caught all the boys.  A dry/dropper combination did the trick.


Susan was here on Friday evening and Saturday.  She started down low on the river and picked up another 16 inch fish on Friday and several smaller fish.  Don't forget that the Twisp and Chewuck are closed as of the 15th.


See ya on the river, Rod