Smallmouth Bass On The Grand Ronde River

I just got back from two days of bass fishing on the Grande Ronde.  I went there to help out my friends Bill and Farrel at Boggan's Oasis.  I thought I was doing a fly fishing trip.  It turned out to be a conventional gear trip.  I have to say, though, that it was a bunch of fun.  Steve R. was from Missouri, and his Brother-In-Law and son, Jim and John, were from Sisters, OR.  The catching was very, very good.  The size of the bass ranged from about 9 inches up to about 16 inches.  And we missed a few that appeared to be bigger. We also saw a couple of rainbows that were very nice.  Let's say around 15" nice.


The Ronde is very low.  It was about 650 cfs. while I was there.  I floated from Cougar to Boggan's the first day, and Boggan's to Shumaker the second day. The second day of catching was better than the first, but both were great.  I am not even going to estimate the number of bass...  I do not count fish, so I lost count after about 5 or 6.  My guests estimated somewhere around 60 the first day.  Black and Crawdad colors were key.  For any of you that are interested in smallmouth bass, give us a call and we can get you set-up for a one or multi-day trip on the Grande Ronde.    Lodging will be provided by Boggan's.  I also want you to know that we can do it your way.  If your way is a spinning reel and rod - no problem.


Clint was taking people fishing on the Methow while I was fishing the Ronde.  The Methow is low @385 cfs. this morning at Twisp.  The catching has been consistent.  Mostly adipose clipped rainbows.  However, I was out yesterday evening with my friend Ken.  I released a beautiful 16 or 17 inch cutthroat that I caught on a sz. 14 Yellow Sally pattern.  We may see "HOOT OWL" yet.

See ya on the river, Griff's