On The River

Over the last week, I have been on the river three times and have traveled it from Winthrop to Carlton.  The flow has averaged about 4,000 cfs.  And the warm weather has caused it to bump up and down a bit.  It is absolutely great to be back on the river.  There are no major hazards throughout this section, and it is in great shape.  But it is still a bit too high for good catching. Yesterday Clint and I floated Twisp to Carlton. We fished a dry the majority of the time and turned a fair number of fish.  Some small and two or three good cutts that we got a good look at. Zero photos; we are not looking to hook fish right now. We want our guests landing fish not us.


No prediction on when it is going to settle down.  Everytime I think it is on its way down for the remainder of the summer; it bumps back up. Right now I am looking forward to about the second week in July...


See ya on the river, Rod