River Conditions

I am sorry that this has been such a long time coming. But as you can see during that time we have been busy redoing the website. Feel free to give us feedback on the new site. Anything we can do to make it better for you the viewer.


We are still in the runoff period on the river.  The clarity is good and the river looks great - just high. The flow at Winthrop this morning is right at 4,600 cfs. Up about a 1K from a couple of days ago.  So far we have done one trip on the river - a week ago.  The catching was so-so with a handful of average size fish to the Fisknat. We are starting to book trips in July so it would be a great time for you to get on the schedule. I was going to fish with a friend today, but with the bump in flow we decided to hold off and see what happens with the flow today.


See ya on the river, Rod & Clint