January 23, 2017:

It has been a long winter here; seems like forever. With the steelhead fishing closed this year, the months have been dragging.  Right now the only thing in the valley is Rocky Mountain Whitefishing on the river and ice fishing the lakes. The best trout fishing half-way close to us is Rocky Ford. However, Omak Lake should be picking up SOON for the Lahontan Cutthroat.


I would like all of you to know that we will be doing trout trips on the Yakima River this spring; mid February through early June. Both Clint and I have spent a good deal of time guiding the Yakima in the past. The spring and fall is when the fishing is best in my opinion. Lots of naturals, skwala stoneflies, blue winged olives, pale morning duns, march browns, caddis etc., and the catching can be epic at times. I own property just upriver from Rosa and just up the hill from Mahre's. I will be setting up a camp there for the spring fishing. The biggest fish we have caught on the Yakima have been during the spring in the canyon from Bighorn to Rosa. By the way, the property is for sale and listed with ZipRealty, Inc.


Come late June we will be back on the Methow chasing cutthroat.


See ya on the river, Rod