The other night I received a call from a long time client and friend. I have fished with him and his son on both the Methow and Grande Ronde Rivers for steelhead. I got him started in two-handed rods and swinging flies. We haven't seen each other for a couple of years now with the Methow being closed for steelhead fishing. He called to catch up and make sure i am still kicking. I also got an email from another long-time client for the same reason. Both of these fellas follow my website blog. The one who called me even mentioned that he looks at my blog routinely but had not seen anything new for quite awhile. Neither of these friends are Facebook followers. The bottom line is that this contact pointed out one thing: I have become to dependent on FB and my website reports have suffered the consequences.


I guess it is just too easy to get depressed about our situation and let things slide; with the Methow and entire Upper Columbia suffering from the lack of a steelhead fishery, Although it is not as noticeable with other service businesses in the valley as mine; the steelhead brought in many anglers during the fall and through the late winter and early spring time to this little valley. Unlike the larger guide operations who come and go; there are three of us local outfits who call this home and do not call ourselves experts on every river in the state. 


Well to make a long story short. I am going to try and do better with updating my reports. And yes I am still here and not giving up. I do not know what "Give Up" means. It is not in my vocabulary or nature.


See ya on the river, Rod